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Maury & Raquel Kelley

We started out
at sea...

In 1997, Raquel and Maury met at sea working for Princess Cruises.

Raquel, from Melbourne, Australia, grew up with 5 siblings all in the music and entertainment industry. Her dad was a jazz musician and Raquel was in Miss Saigon before performing on cruise ships.

Maury grew up singing in Memphis before moving to Nashville and performing at Opryland in the '80s. After graduating from Belmont, he traveled with his band entertaining the troops around the world. In 1992 Maury, became Deputy Cruise Director for Princess Cruises in charge of entertainment.

In 2003, we started Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy to give kids the opportunity to develop their talent, build their confidence, and learn how to perform on stage!
We believe that Music lessons and Acting classes can change a child's life and help them discover what makes them unique.We know most kids love music and acting, but lessons can often feel hard and sometimes scary.

Our approach is for kids to start developing their confidence and enjoying music on day one.When children perceive lessons as fun and easy, they are more likely to feel confident and successful.

At Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy your child will have the opportunity to develop both their talent and performance skills that will give them the extra confidence they need to succeed on stage and in life.