From a complete beginner to a career on stage

How Ginna Claire developed at FBAA and

now gives back to our students with her


Ginna Claire's story

Ginna Clair Mason grew up in Nashville and was one of FBAA's earliest students. As a young performer she found a love for musical theatre one day knowing that she wanted to perform on Broadway. Today, Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy is proud to present her as one of their industry experts teaching a range of masterclasses series. 

Your child will have the chance to work with Ginna Claire in a group or private masterclass. Learning a range of techniques from audition technique and preparation,  how to pick the perfect song and/or monologue, song interpretation, overcoming and learning from rejection, 
a range of performance tips and much more.

To find out more about having your child train in one of Ginna Claire's exclusive FBAA masterclasses and workshops, get in touch with us today

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