The Musical Ladder System

  Getting Students Excited About Music & Practicing

One of the biggest challenges with music lessons is motivating  students to practice and keeping them motivated. We are excited to announce that we have recently joined up with a national music lesson award system called The Musical Ladder System®. 


This is a proven system that helps students get excited about music and helps keep parents informed as to how they are doing.


Every 3 months or so teachers will schedule a test for your child. When they pass the test they will receive one of these really cool wristbands for their level. They also get a certificate of achievement. At certain levels they will also receive personalized trophies with their name on it.


The best part? 

Your wristbands, trophies, and certificates are all FREE!


We’re always working hard to give you more, and to assure that your child is getting results and making progress, not just taking lessons.

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