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Acting Class

Does your child love to perform?
Do they have a bundle of energy they need to get out? Or do they need help with their confidence and public speaking?

Acting classes can give them the space they need to build their confidence and have a creative outlet

Acting helps build your child's confidence
Improves their public speaking
Helps them become more well rounded

Helping prepare your kids for lead roles

Our acting showcases give your child the opportunity to perform lead roles,
giving them the 
confidence they need
when going in to audition for
lead roles in musicals and plays.

Students can expect to develop core acting techniques by working monologues. Acting games are introduced in the beginning, to loosen up students to be less inhibited and quick with reacting and expressing themselves. 
Many of our acting students are enrolled in voice lessons and are able to incorporate their singing right into the acting lessons. For those students needing help preparing for upcoming auditions, these classes are ideal. Our teachers are ready to help you select the right monologue or song in making sure you are ready for the audition.
If you are tired of not getting a lead role or spending long hours in rehearsals, then train with us at Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy.
We help prepare you for auditions
Many of our students have gone on to get lead roles in musicals and plays throughout the area and beyond. Some have made a career of it.

When students see acting classes as FUN and EASY, they're more likely to feel successful 
This creates an excitement that has them looking forward to each lesson



Group Acting

60 minutes / Weekly 

$92 per month


30min Private Acting

30 minutes / Weekly

$168 per month


60min Private Acting

60 minutes / Weekly

$336 per month 

It's easy to get started

And no lock in contracts. Try us for a month and watch your child grow.

Still have questions?
 Call us anytime!

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