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Piano Lessons

Imagine your child sitting down and playing the piano at a family get-together or a friend's birthday party.
How cool would that be?

Piano helps build your child's self-confidence
Improves their focus and concentration
Helps them become more well rounded

We often hear stories of kids and parents who dreaded their piano lessons growing up
It was just way too complicated and boring

  • Learning to play the piano is often presented to children like a complex math equation or a foreign language.

  • Getting kids to practice can be a nightmare. 

  • There's got to be an easier way...

At Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy our approach is for your child start enjoying music from day one. 
The sooner they can start experiencing what playing music feels like the sooner they will start saying "I can do this"

When students perceive piano lessons as FUN and EASY, they're more likely to feel successful 
This creates an excitement that has them looking forward to each lesson

Your child will enjoy getting to play the music they want to learn while receiving the right balance of encouragement and high standards

30min Piano

30 minutes / Weekly 

$168 per month


60min Piano

60 minutes / Weekly

$336 per month 

Still have questions?
 Call us anytime!

It's easy to get started

And no lock in contracts. Try us for a month and watch your child grow.
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