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Drum Lessons

Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Needing an outlet to help release

their high energy and

express their creativity?

Look no further...

Your child will have a blast showing off what they've learned on stage, letting out their energy, and being creative.

The Benefits of Drum Lessons
go way beyond the beats and rhythms.

- Self-confidence
- Stress relief
- Hand-eye coordination

- Overall motor skills

Drumming can be tricky, but our

instructors make it easy and fun.

They have lots of exercises

to help students get more

comfortable with drumming.

When students find drum lessons enjoyable and effortless, they are more likely to experience success. This enthusiasm builds anticipation, making them eager for each lesson.


30min Drums

30 minutes / Weekly 

$168 per month


60min Drums

60 minutes / Weekly

$336 per month 

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